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1967 Dodge Dart Revellion


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Well here it is, I promised to post this months ago when I sold up & got out of the hobby.

Unfortunately, I left what I had kept from the collection with my beloved half sister & her son to look after & they thought it would be nice of them to smash what models I kept, some people, tsk tsk.

Anywho here she is after been put back together,

1967 Dodge Dart Revellion

Revell Kit body

Revell Tony Nancy 22jr dragster frame, engine block, blower, scoop, seat & assorted parts

Revell 41 Willy’s HEMI heads & valve covers

Revell parts grill

MAS blower belt & cogs

Herb Deeks wire wheels

Peter Musters rear aluminium rims with kit wheels

Geronimo’s Mopar licence plates from the Dodge Challenger PE kit

Tamiya’s drive figure with parts box skull & helmet

MCG PE safety harness & speaker screens on the head & tail lights

Futurattraction disc brakes & callipers

Modelers AN fittings & RB Motion braided line

Alclad candy golden yellow & candy red paint

I should add that this was the 1st model I build as a kid, that one became a glue bomb. This is probably the last one I'll ever build.









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Thanks for that correction, I am aware that it is a 62', the Dodge Revellion kit was only ever released in 67'(the yr I was born)hence why I have referred to it as I have. ops, just found out it was also released in 71.

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