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Did this as an in between projects quick build. It's box stock except for the spare tire on the back and some weathering. I like the kit because of the cool looking jeep when it's finished but I wish it had a bit more detail, mostly an engine. I'm probably going to make a base for it later as well. But for now outside pics look cool.






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Thanks guys, glad you like the pics. JT I would do that but it would leave a hole in the driveway haha. I will probably just slap some mud on a piece of wood and add some moss and rocks.

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Great job on the jeep, the color is a nice choice too.

I really liked this kit and look forward to the upcoming Raptor. Yes, it is a bit light on detail, but I think the quality is there for those who want to add their own details or to customize it. Out of the box it is a great slump breaker to help get over model builders block.

I'm hoping Revell will come back to this one and give us a hard top or maybe a long wheelbase 4 door.

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Thanks Aaron, I agree while it would be nice to have an engine, how often would I go over and lift the hood on my shelf anyway? And I totally agree, a hard top would be sweet for this kit, I thought about making a bakini top out of something. and I'm also super excited for the raptor kit, it has a lot of potential.

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