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1/12 Camaro Pro Street and Twin Turbo Touring 69

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Wow, just WOW !

a few questions ..

1 ) where did you get the seats in the pro touring car.

2 ) Are you making the dog dish rims, seats, hoods in resin for sale ?

3 ) love your cages , Brass ? soldered ? details on those please

4 ) the big blocks.. where did you get these ? pls add a link.

I am building 2 - 69's 1 will be mild street w /stock small blk 302.

the other I want to build like a COPO

A-Mazing work !

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Hey Road.. if you look through the thread youll see a how to on it.. its a little difficult to make.. ill try casting one in the future.. the current ones i have are not perfect.. ill post something on it when i do one in resin...check back..

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The role cage is made from brass.. the seats i copied from a Fujimi Skyline.. the engines are from TDR innovations.. you can find them on the web...i also bought my turbos and turbo kits from them.. the dog dish wheels came from a friend who made them.. currently i dont have permission to sell those... the tires i do sell but the ones with the dog dish are not.. those belong to Teds modeling ( find them on the web)..but i do have other tires available.. pm me.. the wheels are from Micro Nitro.. also on the web.. the hoods belong to me and yes i sell those.. i also have a 350th tranny.. and other goodies in 1/12.. if things go well ill do a small business from home selling 1/12 items... Ralph

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Hey Ralph Torres; you have several parts I need for my project; the LS engine and the RS grille. I need this parts to build my project so contact me and we can negotiate a price and how you'd like to get paid. I have pictures of the car I'm modeling if you wanna take a look. Email me at: nfranklin.btbears2017@gmail.com or text or call me at: (904) 826-9910

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I been working on these slowly. I started the pluming on the twin turbo 69 with the LS.. and started the body work on the pro street.. the Pro Street needed some adjustments and rework done on the brass cage... doing the rework aloud me to lower the rear and to fit the tub.. now i can finally add doors . I been making parts  like fuel cells for it.. 




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