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2009 Dodge Charger Brick Township PD Cruiser


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Finished my fifth model for 2014... The Brick Township Police Cruiser... In actuality the Brick Township don't use the 2009 Charger but the 2013, But I don't believe that putting decals on a diecast is modeling, So I built it using the Lindberg Kit instead (I hope someone builds the 2013 Charger as a model kit).

The decals are accurate... just not the year of the Charger.... I let you judge if I did ok or not.

Next in the works are the Trenton PD, Old Saybrook CT PD and Toms River PD.

Here's my version of the Brick Township PD crusier.





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That is a super clean build! Are they using the black/white theme there? I remember YEARS ago when I lived there, the cars were white with the reflective silver stripe on the side. lol

Thank you. Yeah, Brick PD started moving to the new Black and White last year 2013. I have built the old all white with the reflective silver stripe as well. LOL... Here's a picture of it.


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Great build! I like the Setina decals on the front push bumper. I hope someone makes a kit of the 2011-2014 Charger myself, but its getting kinda late, and the 2015 looks like a Dart....


Thank you Jeff. Yeah, I'm not liking the look for the 2015 Dodge Charger... It just looks like an oversized Dart. And I never liked the Dart look in the first place. But that's me.

Thank you everyone for the great comments. :D

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I'm not much into cop cars (I've seen too many of 'em in my mirrors!) but I spent a lot of my youth in Pt. Pleasant, NJ and my sister lives in Brick to this day so your model caught my eye.

Nice work, BTW.

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