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1975 Ford F350 Super Camper Special

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Just wrapped this one up today- the Super Stones reissue with a VCG Resins grille. I still need to put in an engine, just not sure if I want to use the kit engine or swap in a 460, but it'll look good on the shelf just as it is for now.




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Thanks guys!

Very NICE! :) is it me or are the wheel wells in the bed turned around backward?

Nope- I think you're seeing the spare tire well- the Super Camper Special bed had a compartment in the side of the bed to house the spare.

Very nice and clean! Who's wheels and tires?

The wheels came from the Revell '77 GMC snow plow, and the tires are the blackwalls from the Revell '49 Merc.

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Very nice Chuck. But, I'd like to see more photos. Have you put the engine in? What does the chassis look like? Did you go 2-wheel drive or 4? With a nice build like this, I want to see and know more.


In order...

Nope, still not decided on FE or 385series big block yet.

Chassis is a typical '70's AMT truck kit- all but the front crossmember molded in place, separate exhaust, suspensions, and fuel tank.

I went with 2-wheel drive, the kit has a coil spring front suspension for the 4x4 model, which would be incorrect for an F250 or heavier truck.

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