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Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine

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You are correct, sir: Future is now Pledge. You want the Floor Car Finish, NOT the cleaner. The bottle I have still has the old Future logo on it but I think the latest line on the shelves don't have it anymore.

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I just came home with my first bottle of the "new" Pledge floor care ( the new Kleer/Future)...the stuff with the kids boots on it.

Having never used it before, I have read a lot of posts regarding its application. I missed it, however, if somebody mentioned about sanding paint prior to coating with the stuff.

Should/can I sand with 2000 grit or so before airbrushing this on? I guess I really need to scrub the body down to get all the oil off too.

What are your thoughts, please.

Thanks in advance,



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At the local Family Dollar Store (Chain) they have their label brand says compares to future. It cost $2 and it is the same as the Name Brand. Just an FYI for you.

I apply future to my tires, before I paint the lettering.

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Future question.. Ok first off I applied a coat of future to a tony stewart hood a little while ago, first time useing it as a gloss coat. I put it on like regular paint for smaller parts with a brush, and after hearing from a lot of people how it self levels and easy to apply etc I wasnt worried. Went back a hour later and there was run marks and several what looks like bubbles. I am soaking it in water as we speak hopping to get it off.. What did I do wrong?.. By the way I looked every where in my area and found nothing that said future but went with Pledge Acrylic floor wax..

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Michael, Lee is probably right. Here is a picture of the Pledge but I will show you what I use. It is the same stuff as Pledge or Future but I get mine for a buck at the dollar store for 32 oz (1QT). I can get four bottles of it for the price of Pledge. It's called LA's Totally Awesome Mop & Shine. Remember it goes on hazy but dries clear. The more coats you put on the shinier it will be. I did a video and posted here on the thread a few posts back. If you get a minute check it out. You will save money and get great results.



Here is the video I hadd mentioned:

I hope this helps.

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No, it doesn't say "Future" on it anywhere. Johnson & Johnson has been in the process of transitioning it over to their Pledge brand and getting rid of the whole Future brand completely. At some point they get rid of the little "New Look - Same Great Formula" blurb altogether and the Future brand name will disappear forever.

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