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Diamond Reo Question

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Hallo guys

I picked up an older project that I never finished like I want to. It is based on the AMT Diamond Reo kit.I tried to find information with the help of the internet, what is the right type for the truck is but I am not sure. So I hope that you guys can give me some help on that problem. It will be a tandem axel, day cab truck, with a short nose and 90inch BBC. Now the questions:

When came the hood in use, which is in the AMT kit?

What about the different front grills like in the picture optional or depending on year it was build?

What about the model with single round heat lights optional?


So long


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Hallo Terry

Here an impression of my one


By the way does your book give any information on the different BBCs of this trucks and about the different engines which were used?

So long


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After some digging in a 2nd book, Ive found that the short was a C90D & C92 with the BBC being 90" & 92". GVW 24500-86000, GCW 45000-80000, Wheel base 134-236, gas or Diesel engine.

Variations of C90:






These were gas & diesel, but the gas model was a different truck with the older style cab and different fenders with the square inset headlight bezel.The C90D had the Autocar cab with the shortened C116 style hood and fenders. As for your question about the different grills, the best I can gather is that grill first appeared on the Diamond T before the Reo merger. Ive also seen that grill on the " Reo" with the same cab/ hood. The new grill appeared after the merger and Im guessing you could have gotten it either way.

The C92 was available 4x2 or 6x4, GVW 35000-60000, GCW 68000-80000, Diesel engine, wheel base 124.

Models were

C9242D & DL

C9264D & DL

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Glad I stumbled across this thread! I've got a short nose DR in the cards, but couldn't find any concrete info on hood length or anything like that. I believe Evan Hermel did a short-nose Diamond Reo for the other magazine a couple of years back, but of course the second I want to try the project myself, can't find that particular issue, if in fact he did it at all...

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I've started on one with a grille like the one shown in the pic on the left in the first post. I found a decent full-on front image online, blew it up to actual size (in 1:25 scale) on my screen and traced it out. The existing grille holes on the kit piece (one row along the top and the two vertical rows along the sides) can be filled in with putty or covered over with thin styrene or metal sheet. I've since puttied this one, but I think if I did it again I'd cover them with sheet.


I still need to find some etched mesh for the opening and add some grille trim detail.

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On 6/8/2014 at 4:04 AM, Superpeterbilt said:

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I cut off .8" from the hood. Here is the lines that I cut to spread the hood properly. Yours is lookin mean man! That a great looking truck already. I will check my book later and give you the info.


Could you contact me with the same info? I'm working on White 9000 so Reo would be perfect base for mine :) 

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