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Janis Joplin's Porsche 356C... And Janis!


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Very cool!

I think she could also pass for Cher.

Thank you Richard, or my neighbor... :D

Unless I am mistaken this was at a swap meet/contest in Oregon a few months ago. Looks even better in person, drew a lot of attention and won "Best Paint"

Super Cool car

Thank you Jon! You are right, I enter it a the O.S.S.M contest last November.

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I don't know how you might feel about this but I would suggest you bring this to the attention of the rock and roll museum in Cleveland or wherever it is. they would be wanting to display or buy this so bad...

most excellent build I think I have ever seen. fantastic. though that figure looks like Janis probably wished she looked.


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Thank you all guys! Sorry toke me to long to reply but I was busy doing some work here at home.

@Tommy, For the figure I used and modified a Tamiya woman. The shirt and pants are made from paper, the hat from a dog toy, it was a rubber ball covered with a Santa Claus hat, I removed the hat, because I know my dogs will chew and eat it, and uses for make her hat.

@William, Thank you for the suggestion, I will contact them, it would be cool have the 1:1 and 1;24 parked next to each other. Thanks! :)

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