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Old Build 62 Chevy Bel Air


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Time to show another of my old builds...this time an AMT 62 Chevy Bel Air built back in the mid 90's.

The inspiration for this build came from a magazine article in the now defunct Car Modeler Magazine about a 61 Buick Invicta back in 1994-5 or something like that...I couldn't find a 61 Buick so a 62 Bel Air had to do.

The color is Testors Colors By Boyd CheZoom Teal as the Buick was in the magazine article, the wheels are from the AMT 63 Corvette with AMT tires in front and Revell tires in back, the ribbed valve covers comes from the AMT old tool 57 Chevy kit, the air cleaners comes from the AMT 69 Plymouth GTX kit and the engine is detailed with some wires and other bits and pieces.

The suspension is lowered by cutting a couple of turns of the rear coil springs and I turned the front spindles upside down to get the stance I was after, and I mounted Detail Master drilled disc brakes in front...otherwise it's built out of box...oh yes...I made the missing rear panel trim out of a strip of Evergreen plastic and all trim is then foiled with BMF, I also sanded the backside of the grille so it's now open.

To the pics.







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Looks great - love the colour, engine bay is terrific and you did the missing trim on the back perfectly. (Later issues had this and the grille corrected.) Nice work!

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