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Old Build 66 Pontiac GTO


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I thought I would show another of my old builds, this time a Revell 1966 Pontiac GTO I did this one for a christmas display at our local hobby shop some years ago.

I have friends in this hobby who think you have to super detail to do a nice model and win prices and say that they can't do it and that they will never win anything...I told them the the only thing necessary is to do a nice and clean build where you fix everything thats visible from any angle with sanding and paint and you will have a good model with a chance in a contest...so I did just that and it took only a week to do from start to finish...I got the kit from the hobby shop one friday and delivered it back to the shop friday the week after.

So this build was a nice break from my ordinary builds detailed with wires, photo etch parts and other stuff and it's built out of box with just basic building techniques and only detailed with paint and BMF...and I did the redline tires myself as I didn't like the decals.

I had a short time frame to do this and had to wait for the paint (a Volvo color) over the weekend and got it on the monday after, so the paintjob isn't polished as the paint didn't have time to cure completely to withstand a polish before I had to put it together, but it came out half decent anyway.

To the pictures.








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