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Revell Karmann Ghia - Hoodride style

Dirty Dave

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This is a mockup while I smooth out the seams on my 1/16 Karmann Ghia project. There were flat spots in the body casting in the nose, right above the point where the lower apron glues in place, so I'm taking extra time in an effort to build up the proper contour. If it doesn't start coming together soon, it's going to get primer, rust, peeling paint and I'll pass the front end off as old body damage. :P


Engine will be finished off with scratch-built manifolds and linkage for 3D printed Weber IDA's I purchased from Shapeways.


I'm also contemplating a more traditional hot rod/low rider wheel and tire combo for the planned super-low ride height.




We'll see how it goes, eh?

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Not bad! My dad rehabbed a Ghia for a guy from Spain. Somebody fixed the rockers in it before by shoving wads of newspaper and rags in the rusty parts and covering it over with caulking... Needless to say it needed completely new rockers!

Out here, we don't see rusty rockers as much as we see body cancer in the rear apron and across the engine compartment. Seems like the drainage tubes get plugged, and the decklid seals leak, making for a real pain to repair on coachbuilt cars like these, where all the non-opening body panels are welded/brazed into place.

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It's been said that Karmann invented rust and licensed the process to Fiat.

BTW- If you ever see a Karmann Ghia that doesn't have the two chrome moldings along the body between the wheels that's a sure sign that the body's had rust "repairs" done in that area.

Also-the styling of the Karmann Ghia was derived from a Chrysler Corporation show car from 1952-53 (whose name escapes me presently) also done by Ghia.

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