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Malco Gasser Mustang

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Who makes a good match for the light blue on the Malco Gasser Mustang? I shot a little Grabber Blue but it's too dark. I want to do the base color and then the darker blue also around the wheel wells and other areas.

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This was discussed before and Scale finishes has a good match according to a few. I saw this car in 1967(actually helped push it into the truck) and it had what I describe as a medium to coarse metalflake blue with the fender edges fogged in a dark blue.

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ScaleFinishes has the best color match...he includes a 2 oz bottle of the light blue metallic and a 1 oz bottle of the medium blue used around the wheel wells

Here's a link to model I built of this car using scalefinishes paint:


good luck... B)

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Andy, The pictures on the site are awesome! Thanks for sharing

Michael, You are spot on!!!! That is indeed Metalflake and not Metallic. They made many sizes and colors of flake in that era. Flake is coming back in a big way(it's not just lowriders anymore) in the custom scene and I for one am happy about that. Flake was typically mixed into clear and shot over the base color coat, some painters did tint their flake clear mix with Kandies and Pearls. The pictures look like it's a medium flake not the big boat flake. From my point view the highlight blue areas are Kandie blue, which was a common practice in that era. You can get a very convincing flake job using craft glitter mixed into clear however you need a large fluid nozzle and needle to get the flake to flow though your airbrush or paint gun. That had to be so kool to get to help push that iconic car back on the truck!

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:)There is another thread here started by Steve Goldman. Read thru that and you'll see what I mean.

Curt: your build is fine and I did say that SF colors are a good match...saying it is the best ? For now yes.

Your build up is great and I've always enjoyed looking at/seeing them.

James: Thanks for the reinforcement

Other than those points Y'll have nice day :)

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