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What did you see on the road today?

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Ford Cortina.. 

I always liked the 1967 era car, probability the influence of the Matchbox car.  Back when I was a kid in Germany I saw a junked one and took the Ford oval and GT emblem. I still have them.

i got married in 1981 and we honeymooned in Jamaica. Up the road from our resort there was a Hertz agency full of British cars. I hiked up there and rented  new Cortina just to drive it. Also I had never driven RHD at the time so I wanted to try that too.

I drove the Cortina around for maybe a half hour and brought it back. That puzzled the counter guy.. so I told him I was a car guy and it was cool just to drive it. He replied that I had paid for a full day, and was there anything else I’d like to try? 

Hmmm.. I took an Escort for a run and came back for a Capri. I even took out the panel truck.  All vehicles we never got in the US.  The guy got a kick out of me and was rather accommodating so I did give him a nice tip for making my day!

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3 hours ago, Rob Hall said:

I remember for years seeing a white 2dr mid 60s Corina w/ green trim down the sides at a gas station in a small Ohio town near where I lived as a kid...

In the movie "Christine" there is a white 2dr Cortina in Darnell's that gets rammed by Christine during the dozer scene.

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6-cylinder Powerglide car, every option known to man. A little lumpy in places, but a solid daily driver.


Meanwhile, over at the other shop...

Fresh off the boat from SA. Man, these buggers are rough. "Restored" with buckets of bondo and painted with a dirty pinecone.


Just about the cleanest Euro 380SL I've ever encountered (my #2 truck in the background).



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4 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Chopped and sectioned. Look closely.  100% world-class car.



Bone stock resto, nicest one I've ever seen.



I can see the chop in that ‘56, looks very subtle and maybe raked just a hair, but I’m trying to find the section.  Did they take out some of the rear overhang!?

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49 minutes ago, Joe Handley said:

I can see the chop in that ‘56, looks very subtle and maybe raked just a hair, but I’m trying to find the section.  Did they take out some of the rear overhang!?

I'll let Hot Rod do the talking...


1956 Chevrolet 210 - Prize Possession - Hot Rod Network


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This week’s cool (ish) sightings...

This drove past our house - sounded healthy!


I’m a simple guy - I see a Miata and I take photos like it’s a Ferrari 250GTO that I just spotted ?

Never saw that plaid trim on the doors on one though, I assume that’s aftermarket 


And some high quality Hoosier parking that amused me


Coloring inside the lines is hard ?


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Saw this beautiful ‘65 (?) Riviera on the road today in Erlanger, KY. Nice day for a ride, mid 50s temp & clear weather here in the hills of Northern KY.

Saw some other interesting vehicles as well, such as this “auto art” VW....



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