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What did you see on the road today?

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27 minutes ago, Suburban_Hooligan said:

saw something i haven't seen in probably 30 years.  a late 80's "4 door bronco" (if i remember right they're actually coach built or conversions by a privet company or something along those lines).  it was white, looked pretty mint, but thanks to a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH hippy chick in a small jeep SUV who was more concerned with playing with her hair than driving, i failed to get a pic.

A Centurion? Horrible mash-up between an F250-350 truck and a Bronco?

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A few items from my trip to Oregon last week. Willys Aero at a little hot rod shop in Madras:




A few blocks away, at the Madras Air Museum (Erickson Collection):



On Highway 97 southbound; someone had a very bad day at the dragstrip in this '34 3-window:


Finally, I "spot"-ted this in Boron, CA:




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42 minutes ago, Earl Marischal said:

1930s Lagonda. Had a nice chat with the owner. He is making his way slowly by minor roads to Cirencester. This was just a rest stop outside Howden on his way South.


(The florescent markings are to make it more visible at night,)






The engines i these are some of the smoothest running engines I've seen. Theres a guy local that has one and his party trick is to balance a pound coin on its side and start it. The coin barely rolls and stays standing every time

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16 hours ago, Earl Marischal said:

... making his way slowly by minor roads to Cirencester. This was just a rest stop outside Howden on his way South.

Never been to the UK, it's a must-see goal of mine someday.  If this is part of the route that takes 3-some hours, how long would it take by minor roads?

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On 10/25/2021 at 12:21 PM, TransAmMike said:

I guess this guy was determined to get this old car running!!!!!😂


Come on guys, how 'bout some good captions!!

Looks like he's dieing to get this one running.  That ol boy just missed to many meals.  

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Rainy day & had to get out of the house.  Drove down to Sonoma County CA with the intention of looking for migrating whales (too much wind from the weather system and couldn't have seen any spouts in any case).  On the way we intended to stop at a fru-fru organic bakery in the hamlet of Freestone (Wild Flour Bread).  A half mile short of the bakery I saw an original Avanti in Avanti Turquoise (wife really liked it but I had to inform her she was 60 years too late) followed by a Rolls-Royce Corniche in dark burgundy.  But upon arrival at the bakery I was greeted with a 2005 Ford GT (white/blue stripes) and a crowd the likes of which I've never seen at the bakery.  It seems a tour group had arrived 5 minutes before me and engulfed the place.  At least 50+ people.  All wearing ID badges saying they were part of "Legends of Motorsport" and had driven over from Napa Valley (naturally).  Once I finally got my scones to take home I broke off for some photos.

Porsche Carrera with the neatest luggage rack I've ever seen this side of a 60's VW


Not one:


but two McLaren 720s


Not quite certain about this Porsche 356 but the engine cover was somewhat humped with a LOT of louvers giving it a fastback look.  Carrera?  Abarth?




And idling across the street from the Z8 was a BMW 3.0 CSL (just beautiful)



Had to go up the street a bit to turn around on a side street and there is a classic...


and parked behind it a Bentley convertible


And to top it all off (no, not my Mustang on the other side of the road)


Out of the picture to the left of the hot rod was the first Bentley Bentayga I'd ever seen.  In black.  No photos of that though

All in all better than staying at home and watching football with teams I don't care about.


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Saw this 1915 Packard at a car show yesterday.  424 cu. in. twin 6 cylinder.  It had seperate distributors and carbs but shared the same crankshaft.  37" tires.  It had no front doors so when you got in the car you had to wiggle through the seats to get up front. This car was Massive. 




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