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What did you see on the road today?

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Theres one of these currently parked/broke down next the boat I work on. The hood isn't shut right and theres hand prints from it being pushed on the trunk. Its an austin maxi and I think its in this colour but its hard to tell under the lights. The first car I crashed was one of these and its a kinda funny story. My grandparents lived on a small island where cars were held together with anything that worked. Its not unusual to see some strange fixes such as a 2 door volvo 240 with the drivers door from a 4 door with rope to keep it closed ish. Anyways I was maybe 6 or 7 and staying with my grandparents for the summer holidays. I would spend a lot of time pretending to drive the parts car (grandad had 3 maxis) when I decided the working car would be more fun cos the horn worked (i was a kid so this was important to me, lol) but this was another car basicly cobbled together and it had to be hotwired to start it. I'm sure you can guess whats coming, but I'd seen grandad do this everytime and being a kid I just copied what he did. So I'm sat in the car and I started it, and the car musta been in gear cos it took off and rocketed forwards straight into the middin (cow waste heap) Needless to say grandad got the ignition fixed after that cos granny blamed him for my being an idiot.

This pic is from the net cos I dont have my camera with me but i think its the same colour


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On 11/13/2021 at 5:43 AM, ChrisBcritter said:

Something very different. Went to an estate auction preview in Barstow, CA and checked out this very very rare Jeep FC van:







Built for the Marine Corps around '64-'65, it originally had a three-cylinder diesel engine - replaced by a Jeep (or Buick?) V6. The Military Jeep FC Registry lists only three others existing. Word got out about it - bids are up to $12,000 at the moment default_ohmy2.png.4ff82e20a0cf32fd2d84777e4c7c6b31.png.

Rest of the auction - with a lot more Jeeps - here:


UPDATE: $old for 19,250.



Raymond Lowey designed the Van for Jeep.  They made 3 prototypes and I believe one is in Lowey's family position. 

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Stopped this morning at the Quick Trip and saw one of the new Porsche sedans parked outside. I like the car and I'm impressed with the mechanics of it and all but this one made me wonder about the color choice. This is a car that would cost north of $100k and the color was a shade of blue you would have seen on bathroom sinks and such in the late '50's or early'60's. and the brake calipers were painted green. Wouldn't green be in another part of the color wheel? The color maybe a new trend for Porsches but for this kind of money I'm sure they offer better looking colors? 

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Electrics have green/acid green calipers often. 
The blue is Slate? blue, it, non metallic grays, and metallic greens a thing. Better than red black and white. 

Calipers odd with some colors. Option to paint is 1200 or so I forget. 

Top price is banging 200 for Turbo S which doesn’t have a turbo. 🤨🙄

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Not quite today, but recently:

1973 Wartburg Knight Mk4


1973 Wartburg Knight Mk4

A 1973 Wartburg! One of a few low-price, Eastern Bloc cars sold here at the time. I don't remember any of these from when I was young although I do recall various examples of Moskvich, Skoda and Lada.

1951 Alvis Three Litre TA21


1951 Alvis Three Litre TA21


I didn't know what it was until I looked online, apparently a 1951 Alvis Three Litre TA21. I liked the timless quality of the setting, apart from a few details it could have been at any time in the last 70 years.

Also interesting to see what we were getting as a largish luxury car at the time, compared to 1951 cars from the USA.

1972 Volvo 145

1972 Volvo with a lot of patina. I've seen it in use a few times.

1976 Volvo 244 DL

And a rather smarter 1976 244.

1993 Nissan Skyline 2.0 R32


1991 Porsche 928 S4


1990 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II Convertible


1999 Mazda RX-7

1990s sporty stuff.

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13 minutes ago, Suburban_Hooligan said:

seen a few around here as well.  can't f'ing stand those things.  the mustang name on a crossover is just infuriating to no end.  i will not buy a ford because of it.

I agree. Ford took a good car name and completely ruined it. The Mach-E is not a real mustang by any stretch of the imagination. 

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I’ve seen a couple Mach-Es around, it’s pretty sharp.  I’ll definitely check them out closely when I’m ready for my next SUV, I’m EV-curious; intrigued by the idea of an EV Mustang CUV (I’ve owned a few Mustangs over the years).  It’s apparently connecting with people— it accounts for 50% of Mustang sales now. A bold move for Ford.   EVs are definitely a growing force in the market, not going away.  

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Porsche sells more SUVs than sports cars. By a huge multiple. Lamborghini too. Now Aston in on it, Bentley, Rolls, and Ferrari soon. 
So it doesn’t dilute the name nowadays. Mustang 2 did more harm than a fast SUV. Be glad Ford still makes the Mustang, they don’t make traditional cars anymore. 
I’m not an SUV fan, nor electric, but that’s what people want and buy. 
Look at any Nissan, GM truck, or a BMW M3. 
Your eyes will hurt, but the barfing is worse. 

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