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1/8 scale 1967 Mustang GT 500

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I see that the subscription is now available in Europe, with a first-issue price of 1 euro (about $1.35). How much are each of the following issues?

Here's an overview for those with a passing knowledge of French:


I am going to find out if and when it is going to hit the Dutch market, I am interested to buy a couple of first issues, has some nice headlights and grilles for future projects :)

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Yeah, I bought all the issues I wanted from France, with a little help from friends.

I didn't buy the engine parts since I've already got a big block lying around, and I'm more of a curbside guy anyway.

First thing I'll do is stripping the paint off of the body parts since I think the blue they used is too dark and repaint the whole thing.

Generally, IMHO the price of those partwork kits is way too high, since the quality is comparable to a Pocher kit and those cost about half as much.

But if you want those cars in that scale, guess you have no choice do you?

The follow-up model after the Mustang is a Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS by the way...

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