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I like chili, but I like it hot, with lots of chilies.

I was real happy to get a new flat slide carb for my little Vespa today.  Been doing some tuning through the winter.  The new carb should be really peppy as no more vacuum junk to hinder throttle response.

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2 hours ago, mikemodeler said:

Spring is finally here in Charlotte, 72 yesterday, 78 today and supposed to be at least 65 every day for the next week. I could do without the tree pollen but it is that time of year. I hope to get some bodies painted in the next couple of days!


Yes, I'm also waiting for spring and to paint a body or two myself. In the meantime I'm finishing up a few already started kits. Not expecting warmer temps for another two weeks or so .

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Coming home from work Tuesday night, I can see a HUGE puddle covering half of the road coming up ahead.  It's bubbling up through the pavement at the entrance to a private business and it's coming pretty good.  There is no one coming the other way so the choices are slow down and use the suicide lane to go around it or drive through it......or a third option of stab and steer.  Yeah, number 3 kinda won out.  245 series tires really displace a significant amount of water!  I watch in the mirror after I did it and two cars behind me used the suicide lane to go around it but the semi behind them had the same idea I did and, well it was an awesome display.


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The local Chrysler dealership had the OEM electronic part I needed for a 2001 vehicle...which made me VERY happy.

I feel much better signing off on a client's car if I can use OEM electronics rather than some unknown-quantity offshore-built piece of mystery crapp that may only work a few weeks, if at all.

I've had aftermarket 中国神秘 sensors send vehicle computers into permanent "check engine" mode, where the values sent to the ECU were outside the parameters the ECU expected to see.

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It's nice to have a phone with battery life again.

Apparently cellphones have a battery life of around 600 recharge cycles. So roughly two years or so. I've been running a Blackberry PRIV for the past two years, and it's been the best phone I've ever used. Hands down, no questions. 

But, after two years, the battery life dropped, to the point I might get three hours out of a full charge.

So I finally made the switch to something new. And because I refuse to pay for a phone, I chose from the "free with plan" offerings from my provider. Ended up with a Samsung Galaxy S8+. 

i'm not in love with it, but it's good. Some nice features, and I love being able to get two full days out of it before needing to charge it.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally have some nice weather, so I've been able to get out in the garage and do some painting! 


Having said that, we've just set a record here in Alberta. I think it's 172 days since we last had a day that didn't drop below 0 degrees Celcius. Was -1 this morning, currently 11. Shorts and flip flops for the first time since October.. I love it.


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16 hours ago, peter31a said:

Shorts and flip flops in Alberta? We got a good 6" of snow today. Spent an hour out with the snowblower. Of course for me it has to be 24 degrees before I would worry about shorts or sandals. ?

Ha! It gets over about 5 degrees, and my pants are gone!

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I'm pleased that  many people showed up at our club meeting yesterday to stuff the NNL East goodie bags!   We set up an assembly line the length of the church gym and got all 900 bags stuffed and ready to go for next Saturday!   We have some really cool swag in the bags this year!  You'll just have to be there to see!




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7 hours ago, dieseldawg142 said:

after being off work and stuck at home for 2 weeks with a  case of pneumonia, been going bat poop stir crazy.

as our spring finally showed up, took old dawg out to Mt McGuire today. wife said I was an idiot for going while still hacking my brains out....but what do women know anyways...:D

that's McGuire near Mt Slesse


poser shot heading in behind Slesse


road was quite wet and mucky from the high water run-off, had to ford three creeks, and the road seemed to have gotten a little narrower, but no challenge for the crew...


unfortunately this high water swamp was as far as we got, but still a beauty-ous place

a good money shot...


tried to find a way around with no luck, dawg had no probs getting across, but I aint swimming with this lousy pneumonia:rolleyes:


and dawg after a swamp swim

"I feeeel good, na na na na na na na"



Beautiful countryside and mans best friend, I don't think it gets any better than that.  

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