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19 minutes ago, Smoke Wagon said:

That paint job came out killer. 

Thanks,yea it’s like a new car,but now like i said,since my garage is full of all kinds of BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH,i’ve got to store it at a local storage place,till spring.I’m not driving it in the NY winters.Road salt=screwed up paint job😩.But then again my daily driver is a Jeep,so i figure store it.

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My trusty Hyundai Elantra developed a bad miss on my way to work on Wednesday. I checked a few things and decided I wasn't messing with it, so I took it up to my regular garage to get it fixed. 

Guy tells me they are super busy and wants me to make an appointment for Dec 11th.. no matter that the car I need for work isn’t running well enough to drive. Great way to treat regular customers!  

He tells me all the garages are backed up, need help, can’t get parts.. the pandemic ya know. Everyone’s excuse for everything these days!

So I drive around. Several garages are closed, taking Thanksgiving seriously. I land at one with a cheerful young guy. He tells me he can work on it Tuesday.. but wait, he’ll have a mechanic put it on the computer to at least let me know what’s wrong.

Guy comes in and tells me one of my four coils is bad. They make a phone call and yes they can get that today along with a new set of plugs.  And they fix it while I wait!  


They had this huge display of diecast cars.. in the case and all over the office. Up top is Jungle Jim’s Vega..  Jim was a local.. so I ask about that and find out the owner of the shop was on Jim’s pit crew! 

I pull out my phone and show them some of my models. Now we’re friends. 

And now I have a new garage! It was a very good day!

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Yes it does. I was born in Chicago and lived there for 27 years and then moved to California. I remember my first Christmas in California and my sister who was still in Illinois called and asked what I was doing. I was waxing a new Bronco I had just bought. She was shocked as she just got done shoveling snow. About the same here in Arizona. I was about 50 when I started at 7 am but quite a bit warmer when I finished at 10.  75 here right now. Love most seasons here but summer ? Not a fan.

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