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935/78 Twin Turbo

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Hey guys; just wanted to share my latest WIP...I am working on a conversion of the Tamiya 935 to the 1980 Lemans pole sitter; The Sach's 935 K3 #70 car...The first project was to "borrow" an engine assy from a parts kit I have; to use for mock up....I fabbed up new injectors, Intake plenums, Intercooler, headers, twin turbos and all associated piping for the boost systems....This will bring the engine to 935/79 T-T specs...I have begun surgery on the chassis tub as well; It requires major surgery to do the rear sub-frame to accept the bigger engine unit; as well as the "inverted" transmission unit. The front of the tub will be removed as well; as these cars used a bolt on tubular sub-frame up front....then the body will be modified to K3 spec and mounted. I plan to use the SMS P/E set on this car as well; along with casting all of the components, so that I will be able to build several of these cars; and the cast body sections will give me a K3 baseline to work from to build other cars; with the appropriate body mods; as virtually every k3 car (body) was unique. The engine pictured is just the mockup; so colors and detail didn't matter much at this point....just need to make all of the parts fit....and they do! SAWEEET!!! I will be photo documenting this build up in detail; so I will post more pix as the project progresses over the next month or so....have a look............matt

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