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Meet The Drivers

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When NASCAR comes out to Infenion/Sear Point, I've had the chance to meet some of the drivers.

Richard Petty ('92, '93, '96)

Kyle Petty ('96)

Terry Labonte ('93, '96)

Rick Wilson ('93)

Bobby Hamilton ('93)

Sterling Marlin ('96)

Ernie Irvan ('96)

Bill Elliott ('96)

Todd Bodine ('96)

Jim Inglebright ('01, NCTS)

Lance Hooper ('96, Winston West/road course ringer)

Who have you seen?

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I stood in line once to meet Rusty Wallace for 2 hours, only to get 5 people away and have them close up the session... oh well...

I've met a few drag racers, but havent met any NASCAR drivers yet...

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Posted (edited)

Unfortunatly living where I live in upstate New York, I've not met any big time NASCAR drivers. I've seen Dale Earnhardt, and I met Andy Brass when he was driving for Bigfoot. (He made one truck start back in 1995). When Dale was injured at Talladega in summer of 1996, he had a pre-sceduled appearence at the Rhinebeck fairgrounds. Even with the injuries he had, he still did the appearence. When we drove up, the line was way way too long, and had been closed off already. So, we took a little ride, up into Columbia county. It's a good thing we did, as he was running a little late, and we passed his limo. It was long and white, with a 3 sticker on the side window. It was later confirmed by a friend of my brother's who had gotten there much earlier, that it was indeed his limo. He took a picture of the limo, which we saw, which was pretty much absolute proof!

My brother's friend Tom took these photos that day. Apparently Dale was in so much pain he didn't say a word.


I was about 30 feet away from the King last summer at the Kyle Petty Charity ride in Saratoga Springs when I took this photo.


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Well being In Kansas don't see to many drivers but before they opened the track at KansasCity.Some of the drivers would come to the topeka track and race on the road Course over there the front stretch is the drag strip for thr NHRA.Here is a list of drivers I met.

Dale Earnhardt

Kenny Schrader

Boris Said

Micheal Waltrip

Darrel Waltrip

Rick Hendrick he actually race a truck at Topeka one year

Johnny Benson before he raced in Winston Cup

Mark Martin

Bill Sedgwick was on the pit crew for the weekend

Glenn Jarret came into our pits during the race

Ron Hornaday

Mike Skinner

NHRA drivers

John Force

Eddie Hill Talked to him for like 20 minutes in a off the beaten path Qwik shop type store one of those mom and pops owned stores. He was one of the nicest guy to talk to. Nobody even knew it was him until he drove off in his Pennzoil truck

Don Prodhome

There were a few others just have to jog the old memory button to see if I can rmember them.

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