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I need advice on what to do with these vintage kits.

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I have these three kits and what I need to know is, what company produces these same kits ,but better in terms of fit, finish, and overall quality? If the original molds are still being used for any of them I will build them, but if I could do better with something else I'd love to know. Thanks!!


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AMT's new-tool '57 Chevy is head and shoulders above the old Monogram, Revell and Amt kits. It's the one with the opening trunk, which is also it's only issue, the trunk bows up at the back window when closed, I still haven't figured a way to fix that issue other than to build it with the trunk open.

I'll leave the Trans-Am and '57 Vette kits up to someone else, if there are better versions, I've never built them!

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Build them!!!!

Old kits are not a synonymous of a poor model. yes, there are better kits for the Bel Air, and for the Corvette, but turning old kits into nice models is easy, and also very enjoyable!!!

If you don't want them, heck, send them to me, i'll give you two Tamiya Mercedes and a Nissan Skyline have for them any time.

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Unclescott, their rarity or worth is not really important to me and I'm not looking to make a profit. It's just that I compete in shows during the year and at some point would like to enter these three vehicles, but only using kits of better quality.

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Hmmmm....a skilled builder well known on this forum (MrObsessive), got outstanding results from the Monogram Corvette...



...and even the snapper version of the big Chevy appears to build up beautifully, with some effort...


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