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Scratchbuilt 33' Willy's (mostly)


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Truly spectacular! If I hadn't recognized the tyres I'd have sworn this was 1.12th or bigger. Fantastic!

My first thought was " How did he get those tires to fit a 1/12 scale model ? " . :D

Very impressive work , I'll be studying this one for a looong time !

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Hi Guys,

For Bob (theHobbyGuy) - The FORD script on those v.covers were cast in the resin valve covers I used. I don't remember where I got them. The breathers were detailed and the covers I drilled and added cap head screws from RB. I removed the flange and added a new one as the resin one wasn't straight/clean enough unfortunately. They were painted modelmaster Magnesium and the plug tubes are stainless steel tube that I painted flat black.

Roger - I spend probably 20% of my time on a build just doing research/planning. It helps before I get into the weeds. I'm a Ford guy through and through and I know it's blasphemy to do what I did......but I always had a fond spot for the Willys......I'm sure some of you are thinking why didn't I just build a 34' Ford or something similar in the first place.....I know it crossed my mind at times.

To Mike, Ron, Glenn, Nick, Andy, Harry, Jesse, Jim, Bob, Dominik, Karsten, Derrick and anyone I missed, THANK YOU again for the sentiments. They truly made me smile. It took me too long to join the forum and I regret not having joined sooner. Look for future postings of other builds soon.



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Thanks for the info. I have yet another question. I've been in Germany for so many years that I can only relate to size measurements in metric system.

The nuts and bolts you used on the front suspension, could you tell me the size you used so that I could order the correct parts?

I'll be studying this build for a long time. I don't plan on ever attempting your kind of detailing, but I would like to spruce up a few elements in our model kits, especially hot rods.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi again guys,

Can't tell you how pleased I am that you like the build. The cars been on my shelf for almost a year and it's been great to share it with you.

I did want to answer Michaels question on the nuts/bolts for the front suspension. I used a combination of 1mm T2M bolts and ScaleHardwares .5mm threaded nuts/bolts. You'll have to check out T2M's offerings and pick the one that's best for your particular car. They have a decent selection but I can only get them from BNA Models out of Australia. The tiniest bolts I have found/sourced are the .5mm threaded ones and they work well on 1/25th scale. There is not a tool in the world that holds them since they're so tiny..at least I haven't found one yet but I can offer this tip when securing them. I hold the head of the bolt with small tweezer/pliers and put the threaded nut on the tip of a scribe. I have one that has just the right thickness where half of the tiny nuts threads are not covered up and I hold it against the end of the bolt while turning the bolt head. Once I have it on a few turns, I take my tweezers and carefully thread down the nut. Sounds goofy I know but after MUCH trial and effort and lost bolts I found it is very effective.

Cheers to all,


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