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I finally finished something and found a camera!

Thanks, JTalmage (ps I still need to find a box for your hotrod parts o__O)

Whilst taking these pictures, the removable top took a leaper off the table and the window fell out, hence the last picture.

This was also my first time doing plug wires. I used small electrical wire stripped and rebraided, then painted green.

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That sucks on the 12 string....

I've got a 2012 Gibson Les Paul 60's tribute (faded black, I added black pickup covers, toggle coin, switch tip, black metal input jack square, and had a custom all black pick guard made for it) AND got it signed by Unknown Hinson (look him up, he's a riot!)

Just got (for free) a Squire Bullet (basically a fender strat) in blue w/ white pick guard and mahogany fretboard, cleaned it up and it plays great.

Also have an old 70's Epiphone ET-275, similar to the wilshire body. It's sunburst, I also have a twin for it in black.

an old acoustic by grandpa used to play, of unknown name. It's ruined from being in a moist environment.

Also, my fav... a late 40's Gibson ES-150 electric acoustic. Freaking sweet guitar.

Lastly an old chinese kit guitar that my dad put together in the 60s or 70s.

I HAD an offbrand 4string bass that looked like a fender jazz bass, but wasnt a fender. Sold that.

Like I said, I cant play real well, and dont expect ever to be able to, but guitars are beautiful.

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I guess I forgot to mention I'm 16 years old and get $20 a month XD

I can get a job though, and I suppose I should.

Yep. At 12 I had a paper route, had one till I was 15, then worked at the egg processing plant in town till a few months before graduation, then pumped gas till I found full time work.
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