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MOON BEAST! 12 Cylinder, 2000 HP Drag Strip Terror is Finished!


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I cut out and added sheet plastic panels to the front of the Roll Cage and behind the Driver.


I brushed on some Flat Black Paint and then noticed a couple spots that needed Filling. Instead of using putty I added Formula 560 White Glue to the holes and gaps with a toothpick.


After the glue dried I brushed on another coat of Flat Black.


More Coming... B)

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Moon Tanks!

It seemed like almost every Model from the 1960's had a Moon Tank in it. There were very popular back then. I found 2 Moon Tanks in 2 different kits, not so easy to find Moon Tanks in the new kits. Here is one of the Tanks on the left side.


Here is the other one.


More Coming... B)

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New Front Axle!

Unfortunately I broke the Pie Wagon Axle so I ended up using the Axle Parts from Revell's 32 Ford Roadster. I stripped the chrome and sprayed them with Tamiya Silver Leaf.


After some minor modifications the 32 Axle fits in real nice.


Front View.


More Coming... B)

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Moon Discs!

I added modified Stabilizer Bars from Revell's 32 Ford to the Rear End.


I glued Moon Discs in the Rear Wheels and then glued the Rear Wheels & Tires in place.


The Other Side.


More Coming... B)

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Wow...absolutely incredible.

I cannot wait to see the end result. This is probably one of the coolest builds I've seen on here so far.

Thanks so much Austin!

The Bodywork is Finished so, it won't be long now... B)

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Prime Time Mock-Up!

The Body work is Finished! I sprayed on one last coat of Gray Primer for a even cover coat, then I sprayed White Primer over the Gray. This will be a good base coat for the Yellow.


Side View.




More Coming... B)

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