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A couple of kinda sorta finished models. PICs

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I'm not going to call them finished but I'm not doing any more work on them either. Kind of a back story. Last year I decided that I would build a model for each class we have in our March contest. That's 28 class. I actually finished a total of 34 models between Feb 05 and March 06. Not the best quality by a long short but I did it. This year has been totally opposite. I haven't finished a models since the last one I did for the contest. Normally I at least crank out one a month but I am doing more detailing and scratchbuilding on my current projects so still have a ways to go on them. Our club has a Red, White and Blue mini contest at our July meeting and so I decided the Monday before to build something. The race car below was an old build that I had stolen the wheel and tire for another project several years ago. I stripped the paint and shot it with some blue and stuck some decals on it. All toll, it took about 3 hours. Stole some wheels and tires off another car and there it it. The coupster was a test mule if there ever was one. I scratchbuilt the chassis, something I had never done. I did detailing on the engine I've never done. Open the doors which is new for me. Just a lot of first time experiements which most of you know generally are not the best quality. I didn't want to redo everything multipule times to get it right so I just through it together. Both are fantastic 10 models, good 5 footers and well, we won't talk about what they look like at 2 feet but I hope you enjoy anyway.



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