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Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

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Hey guys, some of us have shown off our collections on display and unbuilt kits. I think it would be cool to show off kits as we aquire them. Im starting a thread to post a pic of the kit, in the box or an old built up, and a little info on where it came from. No need to post prices, just showing whats out there. I like buying old built ups as much as unbuilt kits. Theres always a story with a built up. Who knows, maybe some of us are bidding on the same kits.

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Heres a few more ebay grabs.


Ill probably cut the KW down to a daycab. As for the trailer, its just going in my stash for now.

Heres a first gear Mack B61. I like grabbing these when I can. I buy them for the wrecker bodies, then rebuild the truck. I grind off all of mounting tabs, and glue it together.


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Terry, I usually show restraint when 'shopping', most of those kits were bought quite reasonably.

the score of the bunch was the prestige auto hauler kit, [truck, trailer and both cars, complete minus decals], landed that one for $150 [that included shipping cost], and no, it wasn't an e-bay purchase, just right place/time kinda thing.

I do like it when an e-bay item 'slips thru the radar', have caught some real good buys on things.

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