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Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

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Just picked this one up yesterday at a flea market. Never seen one of these before so I had to snag it. The box is frigging massive and has never been opened. Has a date on the box of 1988. I thought it was a pretty neat addition to my truck collection


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Went out to try and score a Revell 83 Hurst Olds. That mission failed so I splurged...



The Meng F350 will become a dually that will pull my Galaxie Limited 38' 5th wheel sprint car trailer. And the Revell F350 will go great for a project that I've been working on for years, I can't get over the irony of the new Revell decals.


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These followed me home today. 


The hobby shop I visited with a friend had all except the NASCARs, they were from my friend, and there are still THREE of the F350s waiting in the back room with my name on them waiting for me to go back and bring them to be reunited with their friend. :)

The KW was a "Holy Grail" that I have been waiting for nearly 20 years to replace after I lost the original that I built almost 30 years ago as a kid in a house fire in 1997. At least it's one of very few kits in my collection I know exactly how it will be painted, I always loved the metallic blue it was molded in originally like the box art, and it will be painted just like the box art. 

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Nice score Doug with that 91 Dually. I didn't even realize those were out yet!

Tim, great haul and those Land Rover kits :wub:...just wow...I'm not jealous at all! :rolleyes:

I was surprised to see it on the shelf myself! It was the only one and I had to have it. The decals are the only thing different from past reissues. Nice clean molding just like all issues I've had of this kit.The dash still has the gauges molded in but the kit has white face and black face gauge decals. I think the decals are a great upgrade to the kit.

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Picked these up at my local Ollies, it's not my favorite body style but I think I can make them look good. And they are hard to pass up when you get 4 for almost the price of 1 kit at a hobby shop. I was hping they had more of the Dodge L-700 but they were sold out. 


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