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Truck Kits You've Scored Recently

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i got this earlier in the year,60 usd,which is dirt cheap,for saying this is an original fully intact,wonder what its true value is.


Not really sure being an original issue if that would help the value or not, but this is what I paid for these the last time that kit was reissued with the snowplow options about 10 years ago. 


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Thanks Dan, yup thats a lot of Fords. I wanted to scoop up the meobius fords before theyre gone, and the Super Stone kits were Hob lob coupons as was the Super Boss. 

Heres a few more that came in this week. This might be it for awhile.

[%5BURL=http://s972.photobucket.com/user/oscarjones007/media/2016 models/FDBD0F3D-1F8D-4C1B-A602-6975A3C95D61_zpsdi5am4gv.jpg.html]%7Boption%7Dhttp://i972.photobucket.com/albums/ae203/oscarjones007/2016 models/FDBD0F3D-1F8D-4C1B-A602-6975A3C95D61_zpsdi5am4gv.jpg]

kinda funny, I'm currently working on a Super Stone Ford. Custom decals, plow from the '77 GMC, and I'm currently working on putting in the Cat 3208 from the Louisville car hauler. Gotta chop the interior tub so the trans will fit.

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this week i have recieved the autocar acl [ conversiekit ] its scale 1:24 and i wil use a donor from italeri [ white western star ore .. ]


this autocar i have found by chuck , he wrote here about this one with a link at fb , so i order one

now he have a pre-order for a autocar acl with a setback axle

from P&P the mack CL700



a bedford tanker from emhar




and 3 ford,s from amt






a ford from italeri


and the white freightliner sd


so let the games begin

santa was early this year

and i was a little nice and good boy



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