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1946 Graham Paige (Areoflyte de' elegance)

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I took a casting of the Graham Paige sportsman coupe i built from scratch and made some modifications. The first casting I finished in Under Glass. There is also a comparison photos below.


This is 16th scale and totally scratch built including the interior and chassis,,,,The tires and wheels are form a 63 Corvette.

You can see the changes that were made to the de' elegance model. I made a set of casting to make this version.




I will be using the same interior with a few minor changes. The interior and dash have been molded so I will be using castings. I am also going to mold and cast the wheels since I only have 4 of them.....I Have 4 variations of this car,,,mostly just color changes,




I have some ideas I am going to work on the the original body and have had requests to see about a convertible version to go with the coupe,

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Still has a useless rear window. Unless you want to see the stars.... ^_^

Best looking Harry I've seen

.. that's one good looking Graham too!

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NICE! This is so good looking and original. So the only question is how do I get one?

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