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BMW M6 "Sharknose" built for a friend.


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Traded this a while back,was missing wheels other then this nice and complete. The instructions and some

other clues i have found makes this an 1986 issue. So there where plenty of pinmarks and other small

imperfections to fill and sand. Anyway,i got the idea og this car from a good friend of mine,we where

talking about cars,and older BMW models,and he said i always dreamed about a white "sharknose"

with more modern wheels on. So this kit came to mind and i ordered some wheels for it,it was nervous

they could be to big,but i think they look good. They are replica of BBS LM 19",the lip on the rears are

a tiny bit wider then on front,pefect! The paint is Tamiya,also white primer was used. This white color is

way more bright white then the "Racing White" wich is kinda cream. I tried detail under the hood a little.

Beside the wheels the model is 100% stock,even the ride hight. I`m no huge BMW fanatic myself,but

this model for sure would be on my top 5 list of BMW. This is the M model with the 286hp straight six

out of the legendary BMW M1,wich also found it`s way into the 5 series (e28) aka M5.

Ok,enough chit chat. Btw wheels and tires are from Scale Production.de

I have not shown it to him yet,but i hope he will like it. Just needs a little bit of black on the side window molding first.

Here are some pictures.








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