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I vowed to never do it again.

Just kidding!

I've been planning, gathering supplies.

And it just so happens another trove of model bits found themselves the other day.

Within that group was a die cast Hummer, remnants of a '55 Stepside gluebomb, and some 1/32 rig tires.

So it's time for another tractor!

Rather than another beast with a 6cyl Cummins, this is getting a four-banger Datsun engine.

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Here's how it stands as of 4:00.

It's got a driveshaft, which is uncommon for tractors most times, but it was necessary for the overall length and height I was looking for.


I scratched together a simple trailer. I plan on this tractor to be a rusty farm runner, so I made the trailer quick and painted it with a heavy coat of flat black. Wheels are from the MPC Superbird.


Obviously still needs a hitch ?


Some boxes I made for it, and a rolled up thing of mesh. Maybe I'll pile more Firestone Supremes on there.... muahahaha!


A look with the trailer....

And here's the crank that broke off last night. Took me an hour to find it.


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Cool! Maybe make some rot holes through the trailer bed? Would add to the "rusty farm runner" feel to it.

I'm going to add a lot more to it.

I always start with a base coat and goes through a series of weathering.

Say the trailer was built in 1962.

In 1963 somebody dropped something really heavy on it. Dent.

The next year, the kids' cherry bombs blew up next to it. Scorch marks!

Rust, dirt, grime. You get the picture.

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