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AMT 1925 Ford Paddy Wagon

Nitro Neil

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Thanks for the heads up!!! I was a little upset when Autoworlds Collectors Club announced this as a member exclusive. I wrote to them telling them what a stupid idea it was, I guess most others thought so too. If this is a "Must Have" version of this kit, I wouldn't wait to get one.

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23 hours ago, Jon Cole said:

I'm no kit expert, but... what does this have to do with the topic "AMT 1925 Ford Paddy Wagon"?

Well...it doesn't, but Dave and Scott were kibitzing about El Kabong....abvove. Peace

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Steve G.

Now would be a great time to bring this kit back, even for a Limited Run in small numbers.

I missed out getting one the first time, and would not mind having another chance to buy one.

And, since this thread is 9 years old, there is a whole new crop of buyers, who have never seen this kit! It will be brand new to them,

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