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1956/-57 VW Oval Window Baja Bug


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That's true...at least by today's standard.... This is meant to be a 60's Baja, and as such I think those brake drums would be periodically correct? ;)

The drum brakes are period correct for the 60s type one beetle. They work pretty well off road if use only German parts and maintain them. I was quite happy with the stopping power on my 63 baja. I took that little bug places no CAR should ever go! I used mine to keep up with my buddies dodge ram 1500 on 3.5" rock crawling loft with 33" tires and we did the hard stuff did fine I just had to be smart and use a lot of stupid peddle. Lol

I love this build, I trying the same thing right now only I'm starting with a stock 60s dub and no baja kit to bash. My fought though is the exhaust. Did you make your stinger or was it part of the baja kit? If you built your do you any tips for me?

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Thanks for all positives! The model has been finished and presented in the "under glass-section".

About the drums, I hade themn in my parts-box. They could come from the AMT Manx buggy, but I'm not sure???

The stinger is a bead-cone from Michael's Craft store. I scratchbuilt the exhust and collector from Evergreen rods and connected it to the stinger.

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