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Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR33)

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Well gents, I finally got around to taking a couple pictures. Here's what I'm building:


And I'm using this PE set from Hobby Design. This and several other parts for future builds arrived from Hong Kong yesterday, and I ordered it last Thursday, talk about fast delivery!


Underside of the car so far:


I have to tape off the painted bits and hit the remainder of the underbody with the custom Model Master Insignia Blue/Chrome Silver paint


I'm not thrilled with this piece. I didn't get the paint thin enough on the first go round and it has a crinkled, spattered look to it. Lesson learned for next build. <_<

suspension pieces getting primed:


I've removed several mold lines from the corners of the car and given her a two mist coats of grey and white primer. Then I wet sanded the body to remove any dust that the wet primer attracted. I used a few dental tools to deepen the panel lines, mainly the doors and trunk (where the largest gaps would be).



And this is the color that I think gets close to Tamiya's instructions for Deep Marine Blue:


It's simply enamel Model Master Insignia Blue mixed with Chrome Silver at a 14:1 ratio. I have yet to test it and I suspect I will have to add more Blue, most likely to a 25:1 ratio.

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made some progress this week. Here's what I've got:

Taped off the fuel tank and wheel wells and then sprayed this mix of MM Insignia Blue/Chrome Silver I made. post-14656-0-88051800-1415490536_thumb.j

It dried much grayer than I thought. In a way though, I like it. I'll see how it looks on the body.

Sprayed other bits of the suspension:


Now to the fun part...modifying the ride height. The back will be simple as the brake rotors and tires are a separate bit, that mount up to the rear drive shaft with a simple notch to align them up, so modifying where they sit will be simple. Up front however, it's much more complicated. After looking around and a few mock ups, I decided to modify the steering knuckle where it mounts onto the tension strut (if that's what it is, i'm not incredibly familiar with cars as I am tanks.) SO here it is:



You can also see how further up the knuckle that pin sits. It's much closer to the hole where the rim will mount.


So as you can see, I cut the U shaped bit from the bottom of the knuckle and then sanded both parts clean and then reattached the U shaped part onto the knuckle. I placed the two pieces together for comparison. Hopefully, this drops the front to where I'd like it.

I should be able to start putting the rear end together before work on Monday seeing how I'll be glued to the TV Sunday morning watching the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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Looks cool. Everything looks good lowered!

I agree. I'm not looking to tuck the tires, but get rid of the massive gap. The trick will be getting both the front and rear ride heights the same. I've never lowered a model car before.

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Thanks Jesse! i havent decided whether im going to use the kit rims or a set of my Aoshima TE-37's.

Byron, than you!

This wont be the last R33. I'm going to do this strictly OOTB but a future plan is to acquire an RB26, run a single turbo and detail the engine and heavily modify the kit using PE and various media

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Can't go wrong with Rays!

The Aoshima TE-37 kit is fantastic. I'm still going between sticking with stock and then using the 37's. Using stock wheels on this build will help me learn just how far I actually dropped the car. That's the biggest thing I'm trying to learn is the lowering of the car. If modifying those steering knuckles doesn't yield much of a drop, i'm a little lost on how to drop it. I guess I could cut both the springs and the upper part of the knuckle equally (that's the key word) but that also seems a bit tricky as it's possible I'll put some unwanted camber into the tires.

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I finished up the rear end and put it all together (minus the rear brakes, those will go on when I line up the drop in ride height).




So now it's on to the exhaust and front end where hopefully the lower steering knuckle modification will provide me with the slight drop I was aiming for.

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]I finished the second steering knuckle modification. Now all there is left on the underside is to paint the front suspension. Thanks to the 30 weather that rolled in, I've spent most of the day shopping for a heat source for the garage. With that taken care of, I also took some time to give the body two mist coats, although i believe the second mist coat was a little much for a "mist" coat..

First coat:





and then the second coat:






I modified the color a bit for the body and deepened the blue. I can't wait to see the wet coats turn out.

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Laid down the last mist coat and then followed up with the first wet coat today:





The paint's much more flat than I had thought. I guess I will have to lay down a gloss coat after the second wet coat tomorrow. The paint looks awesome when wet and that's the look I was going for but it has dried to a complete flat finish.

I also made minor progress on the front suspension. Once the paint dries I have to attached the PE rotor faces to the kit rotors, then put everything together and start on the interior. The instruction sheet calls for a very gray interior and i'm still going back and forth on following the instructions or doing a flat black/dark gray interior. I'm also going to do a charcoal grey flocking for the carpet and rear deck.

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final wet coat has been sprayed and cleared. Pictures will follow tomorrow. The suspension is done, tires are on and the ride height is perfect. Now it's on to the interior.

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Ok gents, I finished up the basecoat and the susepension. All that's left is to go back and spray the front lip flat black (I should have taped that off to begin with, but no biggie) and paint the window trim.


if you look in the sunlight, the subtle metallic flakes come out from the Chrome Silver.


some orange peel that will need to be polished out, I have the Novus system coming in within the next day or two.

And the ride height....I did my best at aligning everything perfectly. So now my Skyline squats perfectly!



All that's left is the interior painting and flocking, the window trim, decals, and the head/tail lights. Oh, and polish and wax.

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