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Series 6 Mazda RX7


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FD3S RX7 built from the Fujimi Initial D kit. Lowered with Aoshima Meister S1 wheels. Humbrol satin gold cleared with Humbrol clear gloss(all enamels) and polished with Tamiya polish. Intercooler in resin from The Parts Box. Very happy with the overall look,at least as good as what I saw in my imagination. Couple of things I'd like to do again,maybe in the future.









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Yes. Not an RX7 chassis either. Fujimi use their S13 Silvia chassis under the RX7 kits. Bit nasty but easy to lower. Aoshima us a correct chassis but its a curbside. Tamiya do a full detail RX7.

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that looks great and I love that gen RX7. makes me want to pull one out and do it myself. I really like your paint choice, very subtle but very striking in its simplicity, partly because of the gloss over the satin paint. looks sweet.


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