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Outlawed-#11 In A Series Of 12

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OUTLAWED-#11 In a Series of 12

The guys in Dearborn didn't forget the L-M crowd when they got ready to go racing in '69. In a continuation of the "kinfolks that weren't" Yarborough and Yarbough saga that was played out on the South's superspeedways in '68, the Wood Brothers fielded this potent Cyclone Spoiler II for Timmonsville terror Cale Yarborough.


With a red and white paint scheme, gold numeraled ride that previewed the look of some of the worst nightmares in Mopar's superspeedway future to come, in '69 Cale won the Atlanta 500 and the Motor State 500. Backing that up the following year with the '70 Motor State 400 and the final '70 superspeedway event, the American 500 at Rockingham, Cale won the last "Clash of the Titans" before the aerocars were legislated out of business by the upcoming season's rule changes.

It is unlikely that the streets nor the ovals will ever see their like again. And it is a fact that anyone who was priveliged to see a field of these aerowarriors in full warpaint do battle on the high banks will ever forget it. I was fortunate to see the newest speedsters do battle on the oldest superspeedway and to see David Pearson win it in a Holman Moody Ford.

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