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'69 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup

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Here is my finished prototype build of the upcoming Model King/Moebius '69 Ford F-100 short bed. I say it's a prototype because it was built from a 2nd round test shot. After review, Moebius decided it needed further adjustment to make it more accurate before production starts. (Probably in early 2015.) I don't think these photos have been posted before. I had originally built this model with chrome bumpers and grill, but I recently stripped the chrome and repainted them white to represent the base model trim level. You'll also notice that the glass tooling had not recieved a final polish on the tooling yet, so the windows in my example are a little hazy. Also, some of these photos were used on the box, so I photoshopped in the license plates, cab emblems and tailgate lettering (which all will be included on the decal sheet) on those pics. You can see more pics on my website.




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This is absolutely a must have kit. I can see two of these coming my way when they're available. Factory Stock version and then a true Red Neck Pickup will be built here. Yours is a great inspiration and the kit looks really good. Excellent paint and assembly. I can see nothing wrong with it, so this is an excellent build.

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