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Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New pics 2/13/17

Randy D

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Hi Folks,

When I'm frustrated with my Hot Rod wrecker project I work on building GT40 P1076 as it appeared in the 1969 Le Man's race. This car is the sister to the very famous 2 time Le Mans winner chassis P1075..

Actual plans for the GT40's are among the most closely guarded secrets of the planet :):)

However the web provides some help.....

Racingicons restoration site has some good stuff as they restored this car.

the Cushman Competition site has exploded plan drawings for the basic Mk 1 road car that was sold to the public.

the Glescoe site has a nice photo essay on their P1076 replica build.

the SMC model site has a wonderfull 1/8th scale build by Dan from France.

I picked up Fujimi's 1/24th boxing of P1075. This is a fairly simple curbside kit but it does have a body that measures close in most of the important spots.


I also have the '69 rims and tires from LeMans Miniatures, these are more correct for this car than the Fujimi kit ones.

Starting on the "tub"

the real thing...



Soldering together layers of brass.....



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Very cool project. I have contemplated doing a full detail build as well but in plastic. Thunder Valley Miniatures has the best GT40 wheels I have seen. The set on the left. The Fujimi wheels are on the right. The problem is Thunder Valley no longer sells their transkit. It may be worth contacting them and see if they would make you a set.


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Thanks Bob !

Hi Ray, Thank you and looking forward to more on the wagon :)

Joseph, I paid about $30.00 on ebay.

Hello JC, Thanks and I would look forward to your build ( the Porsche was awesome!!)

Thanks Wayne !

Hi Len, appreciate it :)

JC, to bad about Thunder Valley, those looked really good.

Here are some pics of the set I have from Le Mans Miniatures...



I am pretty happy with them, they have the width that I needed for the '69 car . Do not like the casting gate on the soft rubber tires and wish they came with the Firestone logo !


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Thanks for checking in Bill.

Appreciate it Randy !

Working on the topside of the 'tub'.....




The tunnel that carries the water and oil pipes down the middle will get chopped up so that I can put in the crossover fuel pipe at a later date.

Thanks for looking in,


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Very nice work, indeed! Holman/Moody now owns the rights to the GT-40 program. Ford Racing sold the whole kaboodle to Holman/Moody. I met Lee Holman, who inherited the company from his father, John Holman.

When Lee walked into the facility in NC, he found several shipping containers that contained engines, body parts, body bucks and 50 frames complete with VIN #'s for 1968. Lee has been building continuation GT-40's for some time now. Since they all have VIN numbers assigned in 1968, he is required to build them to "at least" 1968 specs. You too can own one for a mere $1 million to start.

While Lee chases after every company that is selling a a GT-40 for a profit, as a hobbyist...you may do well to contact him and he just might help you with anything you need.

Lee in the vest on left, me on the right and Lee's gt-40 in the foreground that he currently runs in Historic races. Behind Lee under cover is a GT-40 being built for Tim...ah, well...it was code named "Toolman".


Here's some more pictures of the car above and another in for maintenance




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