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Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New pics 2/13/17

Randy D

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Hi Folks,

Hi Chris, Thank you for the kind words (big fan of your work! )

Thanks Joe :)

Thanks Chris P. , not much weight to this one yet.

Hi Darren, Appreciate that !!

Hi Joe, Nothing too fancey, small pencil iron and a Weller torch. Using Norvak silver solder for the main work ( hardware store paste flux) Use Tix solder and flux for low temp work.

Hi Tim, Glad you are following along ! (Your Henry J thread in the drag section is inspiring :) )

Thank you JC :)

Thanks james !!

Hi Ray, Thank you Sir !!

Update time,

Working on the seat frames ..

reference pics....







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Hi Folks,

Thank you Mark !

Hi Tim, Thanks for the kind words, ....speaking of details :)

Thanks Jamie !

Hello Brizio, Appreciate it !

Hey Bill D., thanks my friend :)

Hi Richard, Glad you are liking it .

Thanks Joe !

Thank you Bill E., Learned to solder on Precision Scale HOn3 loco kits way back when :)

Thank you Art !

Thanks Jeremy, don't leave me hanging on the Daytona build :D

Thanks Rick !

Update, Building a shifter....







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Very nice work, indeed! Holman/Moody now owns the rights to the GT-40 program. Ford Racing sold the whole kaboodle to Holman/Moody. I met Lee Holman, who inherited the company from his father, John Holman.

When Lee walked into the facility in NC, he found several shipping containers that contained engines, body parts, body bucks and 50 frames complete with VIN #'s for 1968. Lee has been building continuation GT-40's for some time now. Since they all have VIN numbers assigned in 1968, he is required to build them to "at least" 1968 specs. You too can own one for a mere $1 million to start.

While Lee chases after every company that is selling a a GT-40 for a profit, as a hobbyist...you may do well to contact him and he just might help you with anything you need.

Lee in the vest on left, me on the right and Lee's gt-40 in the foreground that he currently runs in Historic races. Behind Lee under cover is a GT-40 being built for Tim...ah, well...it was code named "Toolman".


Here's some more pictures of the car above and another in for maintenance




I hope Lee didn't really tell you that. I know Lee and I know the true story. Ford did not "sell" or "give" the GT40 program to Holman. And the tubs (not 50 units) are later build tubs from Tennant. Lee is doing a nice MK II but he holds no rights to the design or name, Safir GT40 Spares owns both. There were no VINS assigned to those tubs. And the "toolman" GT pictured is a Superformance MK I.

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