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What Did You Get Today? (Not Model Related)


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I had a Taurus Poly22, or PT-22, whichever you prefer apparently, and sent it back twice. They never got the gun fixed. I ended up taking a refund on it. It jammed, jammed, jammed. Then it also threw the rounds out tumbling. It was a nightmare. I did some research on the 'Net and both of those problems were mentioned on dozens of different forums. Don't buy one of those!

I bought  a Ruger SR22 at the same time I bought the Poly22. I love the Ruger. I can go out and run 100 - 150 rounds through it without stopping to do any cleaning and it won't give me ANY trouble. It's a complete joy to tear up some silhouette targets on a sunny afternoon with that gun.

I'll try and remember to update this after I shoot the new Taurus.

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I looked at a Taurus 806, I think was the model. It is a 6 shot 38 special. Several of the compact revolvers are 5 shot models. For some reason I just can't get past that. I've always considered a revolver to be a 6 shot gun.

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On 6/20/2018 at 5:24 PM, smhardesty said:

I made the mistake of stopping in the local gun shop today. We all started talking guns and one of the guys mentioned the Taurus Spectrum. I wasn't at all familiar with that gun so they pulled one out of the case for me to check out. A couple of the guys there said they had bought one and both guys were really pleased with the gun. To make a long story short, I plunked the money down and bought one. They are available in a rainbow of colors, but mine is exactly what you see in the photo. I didn't think I wanted to carry a pink or purple one. :rolleyes:

I'll pick the gun up Saturday. They only had LRN ammo in stock, but are supposed to get a shipment of ammo in tomorrow. They'll have 4 or 5 different home defense, fragmenting types of ammo when I go in Saturday. I might decide to go with the RIP fragmenting round. I went ahead and bought a new, soft touch, concealed carry holster for this new gun. When the gun is in the holster it is extremely comfortable in the 3 o'clock position inside my waistband. It's a fairly slim gun and the holster is minimalistic so there is nearly no bulge at all.


My favorite .380 was, is and always will be, the Walther PPK/S. I sold mine some years back, but I'll eventually grab another.

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OK.  Now I know some of you are going to think, WTF? 

Well, I like good shoes and I can't see anymore paying more than $700 for shoes that last a lifetime, since I'm in the meantime 67 yrs. old.  Seems stupid.  I have English shoes I bought in this category from 40 years ago, and wore them every day,  but not the same pair daily, during my working years.   I walked a lot.  Still have them, they're still very good!  Occasionally I have opportunity to still wear them.

Today,  I received these, a new pair of casual shoes;


Hand made in Italy,  ordered to size, with full leather soft lining and a soft leather cushioned insole, all leather sole and nailed heel with a rubber heel insert and Blake stitched construction.  I didn't want this color suede, too dark for spring and summer evenings, but chose another color from 16 (!!) other choices.

They arrived today, and fit like a glove,  super soft even without socks.  Just slide in and a puff of air rushes out and WOW!  These shoes fit.  The soft leather lining is super smooth, even on the top of the inside shoe.  Great quality for $175, hand made.

Business shoes are of course a matter of choice.  I like good shoes and still have good American shoes from older days.  Several years ago I ordered a pair of Johnston & Murphy Chelsea boots and they are for the price a real good deal, I like them and wear them while riding my Vespa (except in the hot summer days).

Consider this, a young man enters the working world and black plain business shoes are a MUST.  Buy a $700 hand made shoe (this was back in the 70's, today 3 times), and you won't ever have to buy another, especially if you choose to buy two!  This makes out to about some $50 a year.  Not much.

Just a thought, plus I like to sometimes be different.  So, maybe the 1st shoe freak on our forum?


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Finally ordered a couple of car magazines. I thought I might be able to pick up some ideas for my builds by looking at and reading about real, 1:1 cars. I ordered Hot Rod and Car Craft. Both are monthly issue mags and it only cost me $22 for both of them.

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This arrived yesterday. Late 80s BC Rich ST-III in black/red crackle finish. I was super stoked to find this one.

The very first good guitar I bought was the exact same guitar. I ordered it new in 1989, waited 5 months for it. I still have it, and it's still my absolute favourite guitar. I have over 20 guitars, and have owned and sold more than that, and nothing has the feel or the mojo of my original crackle. It's also the ONLY one I've ever seen finished in that pattern. I'm a part of several guitar groups and BC Rich groups on facebook and elsewhere, and no one else has come across it. 

So when I stumbled on this? Had to buy it. Now I have twins. 

Once I set it up, I'll have to take some decent pics of the pair.

As for the original? It's the one guitar my kids aren't allowed to touch. And I'll be buried with it.





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OK, fellas, yet another cool tool for my tool needs. The very moment I became aware of this little drill (the companion to my Ridgid 12V impact driver), I just knew that I had to have it, so this month I finally went ahead and ordered it. Drill, two batteries, charger and nice carry bag, for just $80 and change, so a pretty darn good deal (especially given that the batteries alone are $40 apiece), and will come in very handy for some projects I’ll be working on here over the next few months. I'm a very happy guy right now.

Ridgid 2.jpg

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