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The original pictures are taken by my dad, but I wanted to share them here as well, because I thought they are really cool. So I took pictures of the paper pictures to get them in digital form. So in 1990 my dad was in the USA with a couple of his friends. They visited other places as well, like SEMA Show and Pomona Swap, but this race was really interesting especially because a Finnish Pro Stock Bike racer Veli "Jappe" Malin was racing with his Pro Stock Bike there.

A couple of pictures from the pits first...

Stock Eliminator Pontiac.


Super Comp Camaro driven by Tony Foti.







Then the action pics:

Stock Eliminator first (Unfortunately only one picture though). I'm not completely sure about the class of the Mustang, but from what I can see I'd say it's a B/SA car, the Chevelle is G/SA.


Then Super Stock:

GT/FA Chevy Camaro.


Can't see the classes, but two more Super Stock Camaros.


More to come later... (Tomorrow)

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Thanks Chris. Glad to hear you enjoyed! And I'm sorry I forgot to post more, but here we go again:

Some more Super Stock. Can't see the classes though.



Here is SS/HA Ford Mustang and a Chevy Camaro Super Stock. That Camaro was bought to Finland later and it has been racing actively since then. Last year I was driving a couple of qualifying runs against it too. Here is a picture of that Camaro in 2014: http://tapahtumakuvia.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Tapahtumat+2014/Bl%C3%A5kl%C3%A4der+Finals,+Motopark+16.-17.8.2014/Sunday/DSCN7803.JPG


Then one Super Gas car, a '66 Chevelle.


Then Competition Eliminator.

AA/A Corvette driven by Dan Nickelson.




Castrol Sponsored Oldsmobile is driven by David Nickens:


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The LAPD camaro Was one of the first kits I ever built probably 15 years ago. That picture brings back memories. Id love to find the kit again.

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Thanks for looking fellas & Sorry that I forgot to post more pics. That LAPD Camaro would be a nice one to have on my stash as well. I have the box actually, but it includes the original issue of Jukebox Ford instead of that Camaro... Maybe some day.

Next Pro Stock Bike. These two pics show a Finnish driver Jappe Malin driving his Pro Stock Bike. Unfortunately he had some issues with the bike and he got eliminated on the first elimination round.



Then....Pro Stock:

Junior Pastrana, Pontiac Grand Am VS Gary Herman, Chevrolet Beretta


This is of course Bob Glidden behind the wheel of his Ford Probe Pro Stock.


Darrel Alderman driving Dodge Daytona. He won the Championship.


Bruce Allen, Chevy Beretta VS Tony Christian, Chevy Beretta. Christian made it to the Finals where he lost against Bob Glidden.


Rickie Smith, Pontiac Firebird VS Mark Pawuk, Oldsmobile Cutlass:


Scott Geoffrion, Oldsmobile Cutlass VS Warren Johnson, Oldsmobile Cutlass:


Gordie Rivera, Chevy Beretta VS Joe Lepone Jr, Chevy Beretta:


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Double Post... A Moderator could delete this, please.

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