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i have an aoshima Lamborghini kit..what does this paint "code" mean?

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some of the parts say to paint it "PH A" and i cant find anywhere in the book what ph A means. i mean the normal colors say "ph 12" or whatever, with the number corresponding to a certain paint color on the chart in the manual. well, theres no "ph a" in my chart..

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They're not in the chart, but you can find the mixes for them described on the instructions (IIRC two are on the body painting and decalling three-view, and the other on the first stage where you use it), which you then have to decode by looking at the components of the mix on the chart. Usually one's a semi-gloss black made by mixing black and gloss clear, and one's their "carbon" mix, which is half and half black and steel grey. I don't mix them according to the recipe -- I just figure out what they're meant to be and use appropriate paint I have on hand to achieve the effect they are after...



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