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1956 Ford gasser finished


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very nice build, Robert....catches that old drag car look perfectly. also I tip my hat to you for removing the stock exhaust on the floorpan....long, tedious work, but very few builders of this kit bother.....great work here....the ace..... ;)

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Really nice Ford with a great stance. Perfect wheel and tire choice, too, and those enlarged wheel openings on rear look very good. Nice and smooth paint with great details finish it off!

Only complaint is that this is technically not a Gasser right now. You need to add a rear bumper or push bar to make this Gasser-Legal. ;)

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Thanks guys.

Ace thanks, yes removing the exhaust was the toughest part of this build by far, bur worth it.

Niko thanks, I didn't know you needed a rear bumper or push bar to make it it gasser, live and learn.

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This is very well executed!!!

The two best things --- very clean build and its believable!!! You can actually imagine this thing blasting down the quarter mile!!!

Nice work!


Bill (Duntov)

Edited by Duntov
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