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1956 Chrysler Finished - Class of '56 - Graduate #8


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Except for the hood, this car is finished. The Tangelo Pearl paint from Black Gold won't be here until Thursday, according to Tracking. I was going to wait until the hood was finished to put this "Under Glass" but I decided to show it now, and then post additional pictures once the hood is done.

The front end of the car could have been a bit lower, but I still think it looks OK...


I did have to narrow down the Pegasus wheels and tires to get them to fit into the wheel wells. Two tread widths were cut from the front wheels and one tread width was cut from the rear wheels using a razor saw.


The taillight assembies are gorgeous on this model. The inside surfaces of the Red lenses are textured..!! I added short lengths of aluminum tubing for exhaust tips.


Here are close-up pics of the side vent screens and PE flames and Street Machine scripts that I added to the side trim inserts.



The interior shows well through the open side windows. Surprisingly, no exterior rear view mirror was included in this kit so I added one from my parts stash.


I added a few extra details in the engine compartment as usual. I upgraded the car with a resin, dual bowl master cylinder with brake lines. The thin plastic lines on the brake vacuum tank were replaced with short lengths of gray wire for hoses. I painted the vacuum tank with stainless steel metalizer and buffed it to a nice sheen using a QTip. A thin wire line was run from the washer fluid bag to the firewall. (The kit's decal for the washer fluid bag is awesome.) I also upgraded to a 12 volt battery with cables. Before anyone asks why the generator is still in there with a 12 volt battery, the car has an aftermarket alternator inside of a generator housing (which does exist in the real world. :rolleyes:) BMF was applied to the hood latch plate and the fan shroud for a bit of bling. This is one crowded engine room..!!




I highly recommend this kit. The fit and finish of the parts is excellent and the engine compartment decals really add a lot of detail.

When the Black Gold paint arrives and the hood is painted, clearcoated and polished, I will post additional pictures.

Thanks to all for looking in on this. All comments are welcomed.

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It's really not a surprise about not having an exterior rear view mirror, they weren't required in most states until the late '60s. I can remember having to buy mirrors from the local parts store and having to do drill holes in the fenders of my '56 Chevy Bel-Air sedan in 1967 after being warned by a CHP that they were now required on at least the drivers side of all cars.

And our neighbors nephew got a brand new '59 Pontiac Bonneville for graduation, and he decided to not have outside mirrors put on it, my uncle was the salesman on that deal and he thought it was funny that he ran his hand along both sides and stepped back to look at the car more than once before deciding against mirrors.

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Thank you all very much for all of your very kind and encouraging words.

Al, I started this back around December 20th, so it's been 35 days, Take off 3 days for the Christmas holidays when I was visiting my grandson, so it took 32 days total. I'm not a 4 hour or 1 day builder. :lol:

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