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On 2/10/2015 at 1:50 PM, Revstew said:

So here is pretty much where she is at so far. Got a second coat of paint and first coat of clear laid down.

Underside of the bed. The center section still needs to be cut out for the frame clearances.


shaved firewall and underside of the cab floor


Cab and bed got some clear.


Then added some lace work to the roof of the cab. The lace is HOK pearl white over the same HOK green that I used on the frame and suspension.


While waiting for the clear and lace to dry I got the frame and components primed and painted.


Went and added some matching HOK pearl white to the bed sides as well. Here is the first time the painted body and painted chassis met for a mock up and I am very happy with the way the accent green of the frame and suspension goes with the body color.


Parts are now laid out and hoping to get going on assembly. Taking my time will be the biggest challenge I think. This is where my fat impatient fingers can be my worst enemy.



Well that is all I got for now. Please continue to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the input.

Amazing job on the frame....I would love to be able to scratch build like that!

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