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1/8 Big Tub Buildup with my dad......


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This is a project I am doing with my father to get him back into the hobby after 30 plus years away. He built big scale as a kid and wanted to try one now. I have been showing him some new techniques and instructing him as we go. We started the afternoon of Thanksgiving by getting the frame into a jig....


and have now made it to this......


I have been machining some detail parts for him. I did a Joe Hunt Magneto, Pulleys, Generator front, Moon Water Neck temp Gauge, and a starter. I also have shown him how to cut out the grill and helped him make a screen insert. We've used RB Motion bolt head details throughout, rod ends to make carb linkage for the Strombergs, we scratchbuilt a scoop and three screens for the carbs, scratchbuilt an electric fan setup, machined a set of round case magnaflows, fuel filter and frame mounted fuel pump, and the color is One Shot Lacquer "Inca Gold" under 5 coats of clear. I will be updating the post as we get further along...



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Bryan, this is really cool! Using the "R B Motion" bolt heads around the manifold, oil pan, and transmission really make things stand out. I think that after our conversation Saturday....I'm going to have to, eventually, give large scale a shot.

Can't wait to see more of this as it goes along.

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