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Asian MicroCars: Daihatsu Copen, Honda Beat & Suzuki Cappuccino FINISHED!


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok time for a quick update, on two fronts.

front number one, the Copen is pretty much done except for mounting the windshield wipers and painting the side marker lights. wheels look sweet and it really does evoke the image of a Porsche speedster. stance is just about how I want it too...




as usual comments questions criticisms cheerfully fielded

thanks for looking


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and then front number two, work continues on the Beat, working on stance and fitting the tires and wheels up under the body. I think on this one I will go for a mild "stanced" look, but only mild because my sense of grace prevents getting very radical with it. I have had to narrow these old school rims quite a bit to get them to fit and the rears still need another 1/16" taken off to clear the shock towers better. and I still haven't fitted brakes to the wheels yet, but again I want it to be more or less hugging the ground (but still reasonably realistic). also I just got through cutting that coffee can exhaust off and recanting it upward and more at an angle out the back to the left. looks much better than dragging on the ground parallel to it.




again comments questions criticisms encouraged!


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  • 1 month later...

an update, was away for a month but have pretty much finished up the Honda Beat, all aside from a photo etch recovery ring that I still have to attach. I did the modern stancing thing, maybe a bit too much in the rear but overall it looks pretty right according to real cars in my hood and their look. a couple of the photos below particularly accentuate the look. Used some of the aftermarket body kit parts in the kit and the roof hides the fact there is a near eighth inch gap between body and interior shell...that means the chassis could be moved up inside the body shell which I may still try. I cut away the tops of the wheel wells and did some sketchy stuff in mounting the wheels but they do look pretty good. fully paint detailed undercarriage too but I didn't take any pics yet.

now on to finish the Cappuchino for which I am awaiting another kit to redo the interior but meanwhile I will work on the wheels and stance and also building up the body shell itself.

comments questions criticisms cheerfully accepted and encouraged!




hard top on:



interior shot:


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>I'm surprised modern cars this small would be mid-engine, or rwd.

I may have mentioned it above but this is an even spread (lets see if I can remember this right):

the Honda beat is rear engine, rwd

the Copen is front engine, fwd

and the Cappichino (god that's a terrible name for this car even if I could spell it) is front engine, rwd.

(edited to get it right)

I wonder which of the set ups works best on a skid pad or a tight road course?


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  • 4 weeks later...

hola amigos, time for an update: with a new kit in hand I was ready to redo the interior for the Suzuki Cappichino, otherwise known as "Cappy". this time I am doing it in Tamiya Italian red with embossing powder carpeting, an orange Sparco racing seat, and also orange trim to complement (?) the orange hood. ok kinda mixed up but its a bat outta he double l and says so right there on the deck lid! also took the roll bar out of the new copy of the kit but I neglected to pose it before taking photos of the completed tub...almost completed, need shoulder belt for passenger seat!



decided on the wheels and they are the ones that came with the kit (what a concept), and pretty much done up like the boxart. look pretty good. also started looking at fastening them to the chassis to achieve the stance I want: low to the ground with a slight forward rake. first step is always stick em in there and see how it sits, that's what I took a couple pics of. I might have to do some unseen surgery on the front but the back looks pretty good. I think I will camber them slightly like with the Beat above.

one thing that bothers me that I didn't really notice before: the gap between the body kit nose and the original nose on the body. maybe I was supposed to cut that away (maybe I still could...) but the new piece fit over the old nose so well that I didn't bother. I know that's how some body kits look but I don't like it, so I will have to fill it, maybe with screen material or if not then something solid (don't really want to because that would mean major paint repair there). I think something quick and cheap is in order there just as in many prototypes of this style.




moving slowly along...

any questions or comments holla


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  • 3 weeks later...

Finished up the last of the trio, here are some quick pictures, I will do a better photo shoot later this week of all three together and separately and post them in Under Glass section. Thanks to all who followed along!

third car was the Suzuki Cappuccino which I have to admit was my least favorite of the three in the beginning...but now I have to say I think its about my favorite. I really lowered it to the ground, added a conical stinger exhaust pipe, did some flamed graphics from various decal sheets. used embossing powder for the first time on the carpeting in the interior, made up the top but the added-at-the-last-minute double roll bar doesn't clear the rear glass so for now I am leaving it off. in its stead I painted up the kit clear plastic tonneau (probably supposed to be a folded top) in clear red to allow the bright red package shelf to show through, clearanced it to fit around roll bar. looks pretty kool to me. front end added a photoetch tow hook. both front and rear featured clear plastic "screens" which I highlighted in red sharpie and that looks really neat too. lot of little details. the wheels are from the kit and more or less the kit color scheme but I stanced them, a bit harder than I wanted to in front but it looks pretty good.

heres some pics of the finished car:






questions comments criticisms...post em!


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