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’68 Camaro


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This will be a replica of a friends car circa 1969-1970. He bought it new in 68 after the 69s hit the showroom floor, but he wanted to put a set of Halibrand 8.5 x 15 wheels and tires on it that would not fit under a 69 without jacking it up. So he opted for a Le Mans Blue 68 with a 327 and a 4 speed that was on the lot. As he tells the story, it was driven directly from the dealer to his buddies shop where it immediately got a wheel & tire swap.

I started with the new Revell 67 Camaro. I made a copy of a 68 grille from an AMT kit that was loaned to me. I still have some work to fit the outer edges of the grille to the body better.


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The front wheels were Americans. I found a wheel in my stash that would work and cast a couple copies. I think it was from an AMT or maybe MPC kit, because of the stub for it to fit on a wire axle, but I have no idea which one.


AMT '55 Nomad?

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Thank you Tyrone.

The car had a Baldwin Motion fiberglass hood with a Corvette style scoop and stinger. Again I cast a copy to work with, this time from a Revell ’67 Corvette hood.


The stinger is shorter and stubbier than on a Corvette and the front center peak still has to line up with the body contour on the header panel.


I was a little disappointed that the hood from the Revell ’69 Camaro did not interchange with the ’67 kit’s hood. I have a bunch of those ’69 cowl hoods and thought it would be nice to have another option even if factory incorrect for a ’69.


Just need to blend the stinger to the peak in the hood.


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I wasn't planning on casting it. It only fits the Revell '67 Camaro. I tested it on the AMT '68 and Revell '69, no go. It will be a while before it goes to paint, and I have other things I need to make molds of first. Who knows, I have been swayed to make things for money before...

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The rocker has more trim molded into the car than the real car had, so I need to remove the top piece.


Unfortunately just removing the trim does not make it correct, rocker contour needs to be added “under” the trim. I scribed in the line where the contour should be.


Then I removed the lower trim spear, (I’ll replace it later), and scribed the door lines deeper.


Then I shaved in the contours. Still some fine tuning needed…


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You are entitled to your opinion, but the stinger matches the photos, and the owner of the car says I nailed it, so that is what matters in this case.

You are aware that the BM Camaro hood/stinger is significantly different from a factory Corvette hood...?

The lower trim was made from sheet styrene cut into thin strips and has been cemented into place with liquid glue. Once fully dry I’ll round face of the trim and shape the ends.


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