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’68 Camaro


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Since the Revell kit has a big block, I used the small block from an AMT ’70 Z/28. It is painted a metallic blue color instead of orange because the owner painted it that way. The valve covers are resin copies I made from an MPC ’78 Nova. The car also had exhaust manifolds that were painted VHT header white. I gave the manifolds a little 'heat wear".


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These are the raw rear tires. I cast hard resin copies of a semi-soft (MPC?) tire I had in my stash. The side wall lettering was pretty bold and heavy so I sanded it all off and will replace it with decals.


I did the same thing for the front tires. Here are the four tires with the base paint applied ready for the sidewall details to be added.


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Thanks Dave.

The real car had glass pack mufflers welded into to the pipes and additional pipe was welded on for the slash cut tips. All the welds were ground and finished (by Gale Banks himself no less) for a seamless looking Trans Am racing style exhaust.

To replicate the custom exhaust system I modified a Revell Taurus Nascar set of pipes by first narrowing them at the crossover pipe.


I cut the elliptical shaped portions off the Nascar pipes and replaced them with brass tubing.


Primed and ready for the flat white heat paint…


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Haven't been in this thread for a while, sorry.

Didn't mean to come off as a "hater" (whatever that is), but the stinger on this hood just doesn't look like the real one to me. But maybe it's just me. But for those who like it, good for you. B)



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