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Lancia Delta Integrale Evo, Hasegawa, 1/24

Matt Bacon

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A nicely detailed, straightforward curbside kit that really captures the look and stance of the pugnacious original. Zero Paints colour matched Giallo Ginestra and 2K Clear Coat. Why not red? Because I nearly bought one of these in my mid-20s, until I discovered how much it would cost to insure (that and the fact that the "seller" didn't have ANY of the paperwork for the car, which worried me even more than the insurance). Still, it's one of the few models I've built of a car that there's any possibility of me owning, ever...
Those of you who followed the build will know all about the paint; if you didn't, the clear coat solvent managed to leach the red dye from the bodyshell plastic right through the primer and the yellow base coat, and turned orange. This has been stripped, sealed with oxide paint sealer, and then primed and painted a second time.
The only other tricky bit was getting the chassis inside the body shell, which is a "once and for all" deal, with some extreme flexing of the body required...
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Matt what exactly did you use for 'oxide paint sealer'

And where did you get it?

Red bleed through can be persistant sometimes, especially with a clear coat as you said. I recently started a Mustang molded in red and wanted to paint it white, I didn't even try...


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